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Studio Nyxland's Journal

We are the future and the past, you just don't know it yet.

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Murphy's Law

germancabaret Everything cabaret--fact and fiction.
darkpaganism For gothic pagans
kaosflower A women's spirituality/magic group
stregheria Italian witchcraft
sadintellectual Witty people in a witless world
victorianera Past future steampunk and more
hauntedsandiego Haunted San Diego
hauntedcity Photo place for spooky landmarks
NEW!!! steampunkmusic Because I'd like to not go on MySpace to look for steampunk bands
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Absinthe Spoon

a particularly vicious rumor, abstract painting, advertising, antiques, architecture, art bears, art chantry, art deco, ataraxia, aubrey beardsley, avant garde, b movies, bass guitar, batcave, beatnik culture, blood axis, brit pop, bunnydrums, burlesque, burning of rome, camerata mediolanense, canadian television, caroliner, cawatana, charles baudelaire, cheap travel, chess, copywriting, corsets, cynicism, dadaism, darkwood, david lynch, deathrock, devo, dorothea tanning, edward gorey, edwardian era, eis & licht, emily dickinson, estampie, european history, evil robots, experimental music, film editing, film production, fire and ice, foetus, frank the baptist, freelance writing, german expressionism, gothic rock, graphic design, gregory euclide, guy maddin, hammer horror, harlequin jones, heinrich heine, humor, indie music, intelligence, jean rollin, jess franco, jewelry making, joel-peter witkin, john cage, john santerineross, john waters, john william waterhouse, john zorn, katzenjammer kabarett, ken russell, kundalini yoga, laibach, le corbusier, leather boots, leni riefenstahl, lux interna, lycia, made in mexico, maya deren, meditation, minimalist furniture, mod culture, monster movies, motorcycles, mythology, neofolk, no wave, opera, oscar wilde, paganism, painting, paul valery, personal alchemy, peter cushing, phillip glass, philosophy, photography, pier paolo pasolini, pinhole cameras, poetry, psychedelic culture, psychology, qntal, radley metzger, rainer werner fassbinder, rasputina, renaissance, requiem in white, reverend glasseye, robots, rowland s. howard, ryan mcginness, sarah vowell, scivias, screenplay writing, self promotion, shakespeare, shoegazer music, short stories, silent film actresses, stanley kubrick, steam powered giraffe, steampunk, stephane mallarme, stereoscopes, street of little girls, strength through joy, suncreen, technical writing, the birthday party, the dresden dolls, the fall, the glorious depression, the new york room, the tulse luper suitcases, the wolfgang press, the young ones, tobias schneebaum, tragic tantrum cabaret, train sets, unto ashes, us maple, vermillion lies, vespas, victoriana, video editing, walerian borowczyk, yoga

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