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IWD Part Two - Studio Nyxland's Journal
We are the future and the past, you just don't know it yet.
IWD Part Two
Still watching the show about the 14 women senators.  I am beginning to realize the sad truth about women...in order to succeed, we have to define our success from a man's world point of view.  There is no women's world, built up over the centuries and that would only be accomplished in a French Revolution sort of way, women rising up, taking over and radically changing what human life is like. 

I mean, everything would have to be tweaked in such a way that whole school of thought would be out the window.   Like how would like be if life started by people living in villages peacefully and raising kids (not to say women can't be violent, but a lot of war, greed and violence in history was started by men) and success was judged by how communicative and open you were, not on rising to the top and being cut-throat competitive.  

I don't feel real feminism will happen until woman change their names too.  As a woman, I am stuck between keeping my dad's name or marrying my boyfriend and taking his name, even being known as Mrs. Boyfriend's Last Name, like I don't have an identity of my own, only via my husband and friends of mine my age or younger still do this when they marry.  Maybe we should all change our names to something we like more than do our lines through our children, or even that hyphen thing between two names, but ours would have to be changed to reflect a female line, not the male one we came into life with.

It bothers me a lot.   I don't see my success in a male sense at all, not by material goods, pay rates, etc.  I see my success if developing my inner world and feeding my spiritual and intellectual sides.   Not by seeing how I can rise to the top or beat someone else to a job.  

And also, I don't think the feminism of my mom and the 70's still even exists.  I feel younger women want to be more like Kim Kardashian then Hilary Clinton.   When I grew up, my role models as women were women writers, poets, scientists, artists and people making a difference.  Not someone who is known for being pretty and that's it.   I even see it in bras.  In the 70s until now, I used to be able to find nice strong supportive pointy bras that said "I am women, hear me roar".  Now, the bras seem to be lower and more on the ribcage, more sad and depressed than rising high.   Is that how girls of today are? 
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